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Good Grief Cooking: Lisa Rubino

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Heal With a Meal.

Misery can come to anyone’s door. It came

to mine, and almost blew up the kitchen.

From Alzheimer's, losing a loved one, illness,

sadness, loss of job, depression, anxiety or losing

a pet, Lisa has personally designed recipes that are

here to aid and assist, laded with a huge heap of compassion.

Prior to writing Good Grief Cooking, Lisa co-produced a television cooking show called The ShortCut Cook, with her business partner Terrie. Lisa was the on-air host and was a little messy and a bit harried, but the laughter and honest approach to cooking made the show very popular.

Terrie and Lisa launch The ShortCut Cook TV Show.

Celebrating our first year of production.

Brad, our graphic designer, vents a little steam.

The food flew, and the humor was contagious. Lisa's first book, Beat The Clock Cooking mirrored their first year on television. It was a hit, and the book was featured on QVC and HSN.

Fifth anniversary of The ShortCut Cook.

Richard, Lisa's husband, steps in as camera man.

Terrie and Lisa get professional help.

Lisa made personal appearances on many news stations in the
San Francisco Bay area and was a featured guest on nationally syndicated television shows.

Lisa began her career as a teacher. Her students were suffering from mental illness, and her job was to help them mainstream back into society. Life skills were part of the curriculum, and Lisa began hers in the facility's kitchen. She cooked up food for 63 people in under 1½ hours. Thus, The ShortCut Cook emerged.

The flavor for her cooking sat well with the students and the staff. They were amazed at how quickly and deliciously lunch could be served. Her unique cooking style spilled over onto a local cable station who loved the idea of airing a television cooking show that catered to the everyday cook.

Each show featured special guests who shared recipes with the viewers. One of Lisa's favorite shows headlined Don Bleu.
Don Bleu in the Morning is the radio host for Star 101.3 FM in San Francisco, Take a look!

The ShortCut Cook Television show hit the airways in 1994. It was the first, live-to-tape cooking show, since Julia Child. No stopping, cutting or editing; nada, nothing. Lisa was a real cook for real people!

For both girls, life was going well, but laying dormant were problems on the home front for Lisa. Her life would change rather quickly and she and Terrie would have to close the kitchen doors. Tragedy doesn't wait, and Lisa would now have to attack a new challenge in her life. The show ended in 2003.

The ShortCut Crew in 2003, taping their final show.

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Good Grief Cooking: Lisa Rubino

Lisa rescued Lulu, and Lulu rescued Lisa.

Come with me as we set the table to prepare for Good Grief Cooking. I wrote this book especially for people who are suffering from overwhelming loss or sadness. I reveal my deepest soul-sores and unveil feelings that I could hardly express in words. By getting involved, and taking care of myself, food became one thing I could control.

Every chapter is tossed-in with my own, personally designed recipes. Don't grieve alone.

This book is here to aid and assist, ladled with a gravy of compassion.


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Good Grief Cooking is here to stay

Watch and see, as Lisa will show you the way.

Get out your spatulas, pots and pans

You’ll soon be singing, open that can.

I’ve been cooking for many years

That helped dry-up lots of tears.

I fought the fight of depression and sadness.

Only to return to a heart of gladness.

So pick up the wooden spoon and sauté your way to the top

And relieve yourself of grief by taking control of what hits the spot.

Recipes are simple to prepare, so don’t be afraid to take control

Your sorrows will lessen and it’s good for the soul.